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Welcome to our website on Ludwig Vistalite Drums!

These are some cool and expensive drums to own. More and more drummers are bidding on eBay for these drums, pushing the values on these higher and higher...especially the original John Bonham Amber Vistalites. Have fun looking for the 26" bass drum!

There are other rare colors and lines to collect if/when you get the the green set, jelly bean quadraplus, tivoli or tequilla sunrise to name a few.

Check out our catalogs on vistalites, where you can see the history and different colors that were introduced. It is weird to think that Ludwig was trying hard to unload Vistalites towards the end of their production run, due to all the issue with shells they sell pretty well online!

A topic that we address here, is the problem with fake vistalites that have been sold and still resurface from time to time. If you think that yuo may have purchased a copy and need help verifying them, please contact us. Please take good, crisp photos of the badge on the drum in question.


- The Drum Experts


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This Vistalite website is all about the wonderful and colorful drums from the Ludwig Drum Company. Ludwig Vistalite drums are acrylic shell drums that were produced in a variety of colors and patterns. Viatalite drums were the most popular of all of the acryilc shelled drums and today still have a warm place in many drummers hearts as their favorite drums from the past. Vistalite Drum and Vistalite Drums are very popular and have been re-introduced by the Ludwig Drum Company.

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