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Vistalite Ludwig Drums

We created some of our special searches on eBay for individual Ludwig Vistalite Drums, vintage drum sets and new Ludwig Vistalite drum sets. eBay is a great place to find parts and misc drums and hardware.

Contact us if you need any help finding vintage drum sets.


Vistalite Drums on eBay:

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This Vistalite website is all about the wonderful and colorful drums from the Ludwig Drum Company. Ludwig Vistalite drums are acrylic shell drums that were produced in a variety of colors and patterns. Viatalite drums were the most popular of all of the acryilc shelled drums and today still have a warm place in many drummers hearts as their favorite drums from the past. Vistalite Drum and Vistalite Drums are very popular and have been re-introduced by the Ludwig Drum Company.

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